Wednesday, 24 December 2008

W!nter Bugs di Leeds & York

We had a trips to Leeds and York last weekend, spending weekend with close friends and family. Since our destination are the same, basically CikPuling has done her good job and excellently uploading our great piccas around York and Leeds. C!k Asmida kita jgn lupa upload banyak2 juga yer...So my entry gonna highlight certain piccas only...memangnya, ini jer pun gamba2 yang aku ada, dekat camera sape yg aku dok sengih lebih2 tu?

Second day of our trip, it start with my hubby vomiting late at night and having uncomfortable or stomach cramping, followed by Alia and myself in the morning. We thought we're having kinda of food poisoning, since I was nominated as a second hand gut holder, so having a diarrhea is not a big issue..heheheh...and according to her mommy, Alia is having her first indicator of asthma and fever. So, we cont. jalan2 kat Leeds even condition hubby, myself, Alia and Danial are slightly unstable. I vomitted once in TK Maxx, jelepek kat toilet. Nasib baik hubby maintain his 'sebu' drive all the way balik to Cambridge, without thinking of having any kind of bugs what so ever, and his lovely tiny wifey tido almost quarter of the journey, hokay tak co-pilot? hahhahaha....sorry yek yang!I can tak sihat (padahal die yg muntah teruk)..ok2,tukar I kene diarrhea.....bunyik kesian sikit

At home, I'm still having that diarrhea, cont. with stomach cramping sometimes (berdosa pada suamikah?). Luckyly that's not lead me to demam. Finally, after I've come accross some articles and also second opinion of "Doctor-to-be" yang juga mangsa bugs itu last year..iaitu Belle, we believe it's called 'Norovirus infection', and yes it is quite common around winter time every year. I also had it last year and I was out of it for about 2 weeks. Demam teruk, tak bangun aku.

The symptoms are vomiting, headaches, nausea, aching joints and limbs, fatigue, diarrhoea and general malaise. The symptoms of a norovirus usually start between 24-48 hours after the initial infection, although they can start after as little as 12 hours. The first symptom is usually a sudden onset of nausea, which is followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Some people may also have:

* a mild fever,
* headaches,
* stomach cramps, or
* aching limbs.

Ni lah gamba mende alah tu...

In rare cases of the norovirus, seizures can occur. Symptoms normally last between 12-60 hours, although most people make a full recovery within one to two days. However, the diarrhoea may last slightly longer.

Haihhh.....macam2 virus yg keluar bila dah winter nih...takut aku nak berboxing day.Anyway, here some piccas from my camera..gamba tuan umah pun tadak, kui kui kui..anyway tima kaseh tidak terhingga untuk kuah kacang yang best ittew..walau gambau ko takde, umah nko iAllah akan dikunjungi lagi......

hrmm...wondering where's the rest of my kiddies...heheheheh
time ni most of them dok dlm keta with my hubby termasuk Alia
Adam and Danial, dpt la ai ronggeng mcm anak sowang jer,yer yer mcm tak sedar diri, saya tahu....... =)

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