Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bayar Utang Sheri

sudah lama ku peram2 hehehhe....OK Sheri...akhirnya ku sudah byr utang

First TAG by Sheri
The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.


I really want to go to Makkah

My fav place

My fav thing Pink Vio

My fav drink

My fav food...

My colour

I live in

I was born in

My colleges

My fav Story........

My hobby travelling

I wish...

Second TAG by Sheri

Tag from Sheri...

The rules are....
* Do not copy answer
* The tag question must be 100% the same
* Tag people after doing tag

I tag:

1) Hana
2) Naza
3) Comey Lote
4) Kak Wanni
5) Ibuemiralisa
7) Yanie
8) Che Fadh
9) Yus

1. How do u know 1?

Study sama UKM, dok same college Dato' Onn, dulu mcm tegur2 gituh jer, now dah jadi mcm gang bloggers...hehehhe, very nice person and ada banyak rumah....

2. What would u do if u meet 2?
Mestilah ajak gi sample sales shopping!!! hahhahaha

3. What would u do if 3 n 4 dated u?
ermm...menarek...sorang kat Holland (Comey) and sorang kat New Castle (Kak Wanni). Both places tak explore btol2 lagi, jom jalan-jalan..

4. Would 5 n 6 make a good couple?
couple? dua2 dah ada hubby la. but I believe they can be a gud friends too, dua2 very nice person

5. Do u think 7 is attractive?
Yess...dr zaman2 sekolah lg mmg dia glamer

6. Do u know anything about 8's family?
ermm...parent die keje kat Putrajaya kot, pastu her mother tere masak...sbb die pun amatlah tere masak!

7. Tell me something about 9?
Erm...minah Kelantan, now dah ada anak 2..and currently mesti tgh happy gila sbb hubby dah balik from outstation.

8. What language does 2 speak?
BM and BI...err..tatau plak if she can speaks other than that 2 languages

9. Who is 3 going out with?
erm..with her husband.. :)

10. How old is number 4?
ERmm...1 year senior than me

11. 5?
heheheh...tak pasti la plak...sebaya ai kot, ntah..nmpak cam muda

12. Who is 6's favourite singer?
I think Siti Nurhaliza..hehehehheh

13. 7(Yani)?
Errmm... dulu Amir UKAY's...hiks...skang taktau la plak

14. Is 8 single?
dah kahwin, ada 1 daughter

15. What's 9 last name?
hehehhe...Yusof kot, ekk....tatau..take it as I dunno... :)

16. Would u consider being in a relationship with 1?
takpayah consider2 dah, mmg in relationship..friendship la of course...

17. Which school does 2 go to? tatau, MRSM Kuantan kot, mcm pernah terbaca mana2...sorry babe, kalo tersalah

18. What do like about 3?
oowhh...sgt commelll...padan dengan hubby dia.

abis jugak utang TAG aku akhirnya...Tochehh...........

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naza said...

wuish byk nye tag!!tak tau la bile leh byr card lah ye!!hik2..
btw nnt if ade sample sale lg will shout u..and I went to STJ, K.Pilah..hehe..gud try babe!