Sunday, 4 October 2009

Next Clearance

As informed in my previous entry, here a few more pre-loved items to let go.....

Chicco Baby Walker RM50
(bought for RM2++... tak ingat sangat :P)


Elego Baby Walker RM50
(bought for RM179)


Baby Cot RM50

1. Including mattress (bumper cot is not included)
2. Pick-up only (can arrange for delivery with additional RM10 to your home)
3. Can fit in sedan car

MacLaren Twins Stroller
(bought for Rm1599)

1. mint condition, hardly used
3. suitable from newborn till age of 3++
4. up to 30kg
5. got lil' wear and tear at the handle (both side)


Brand New Multipurpose Food Processor
from Maulinex

(RRP for RM250)

Selling for RM120

* 19 different functions, 700W motor
* Large 3 liter food processor bowl
* 1.5 liter blender bowl
* Chopping and blending attachment
* Dough kneader
* Blades for fine/coarse grating and slicing
* Citrus press for freshly squeezed citrus fruit juices
* Metal whisk for perfect whipping


okay, for more details leave me a message.......


Anonymous said...

uikss processor tu dah ada org amik? aku nak...


S.u.F.e.e said...


dah ada org book la babe... sowie..

MaizMalik said...

hihihi..sib baik aku cepat hihihi sorry yer zura :) sufee, jab gi aku confirm wat time aku pi amik hihi

Maza said...

Sorry, husband cwk dah juai macleran, elego and cot.

Zura/X: yang food processor tu sila bagi bid paling tinggi yer... :)

S.U.F.E.E.N.A.N said...

Aku nok book damia..nak book damia..kehkeegekeg

Anonymous said...

maza...takpa...ko kasik ja dkt ms.X...bkn rezeki aku :)

Shuhada Samri said...

kak sufee...

items 9 last blog hr tu book tuk saya tau...
nnt saya buat apa yang akak suruh buat secepat mungkin...
boleh tak..?