Friday, 17 September 2010


scene 1

at one of the stop on our back to KL...

damia: mommy... can I follow u to buy KFC?
mommy: no damia, I think is better for you to stay in a car, there's a long queue inside

*dengan muka masam and said to her daddy
damia:daddy... I think you bought the wrong girlfriend!!!
daddy: gelak besar!!

scene 2

we always teach her to sleep on her own, in her own room.. but, occasionally (almost everytime kott) she will knocked our door twice in the middle of the night and normally will end up daddy sleep in her room hehe... tp kalu ada grandparents of course she'll sleep with them without disturbing us.

one morning, when I saw her in grandparent's bed

mommy: damia.... what r u doing there?? why aren't u sleep on your bed???
damia: mommm... I had a sleep walking last nite, sorry
*sambil sambung tido balik!!!!

scene 3:

donno wether this is happened to every child age ranged 2-5yrs old or not, but... yess.. it happened to my children, I need to call them sooooo many times.. and they simply wat dekkk jer..

mommy: damia...
mommy: damiaaaa....
mommy: damiaaaa....
mommy: damiaaaa....
mommy: damiaaaa....
mommy: damiaaaa....!!! Why do I need to call ur name so many times??? what happen to ur ear darling? is it well functioning??
damia: ooh.. errr.... I think it got NO BATTERY!!!
*sengih2 dtg peluk mommy!
mommy: OMG...................hnshh!!

scene 4:

she really loves make-up, perfumes and related stuff. in the other way, she likes to play with that stuff... when I bought my incanto shine, she really loves the smell and will ask for wearing it almost every time she enter my room

damia: mom.... can I wear this?
mommy: no.. u r not going anywhere and we need to wear that if we r going somewhere
(hehe..salah concept!)

damia: mom, can I try this with ur make up, it must be awesome..right?
mommy: no damia, u cant wear any make-up or perfumes when u still wearing a pyjamas...

*when we r getting ready to go out and she absolutely in her proper jeans n shirt

damia: mom, look at me.... do I look good in this jeans
mommy: yes.. u look gorgeous...
damia: mom.. are we ready to go out now? we r going somewhere right?
mommy: yess... few more minutes darling n we gonna get going...
damia: yess...okay mum, can I put the perfume now?
*dalam hati mommy: cissssssssssssssss...... terbaik punya ayat dia susun mula2 tu!!



Wan said...

kiut giler si damia nih!!! apsal cwk jarang citer pasal danial? yg kiter perasan, cwk slalu citer pasal damia ngan dadam jer.. hehehe

S.u.F.e.e said...


hahahhaha... ha'a betul tak banyak entry pasal dia, dulu2 time kat UK time dia banyak songeh banyak la entry pasal dia..

1. danial is lot more quiet compare to damia
2. yang banyak songeh is selalunya damia n adam jer
3. danial dalam life dia senirik, suka main puzzles, main ngan semut2, main ipod dia, main PS3... hrm.. tak pedulik org dah..

danial boy is so pleasant, tak kasik mommy dia sakit jantung hehe...

NadiahKhair said...

suke la daddy hang suh beli gfren baru.

xtahan mulut budak2 skrg.