Thursday, 16 December 2010

Darah Daging ku

just to officially introduce...

my elder sisters...
*the one who's wearing the green tudung is my sis in-law :)

me is the youngest...
however not the smallest (in term of horizontally expend)...cittt!

too many story n obstacles to share with..
though we grown up separately..
though we live in separate house..
but I do believe in the miracle of our destiny..
no matter what is, we still here
together here after
to share our love lives..
glad that we can captured this smile into one pic!!



S.U.F.E.E.N.A.N said...

Hahahahaaaa..mmg skali tgk nak kata sepupu pun tak!tapi tang jari ada sama..kehehehehehe..

aida said...

wow..what a meaningful entry sambil kesat air mata.