Monday, 21 February 2011

He is three..

macam tak caya, it is dadam next birthday
sekejap je rsnya. rs mcm baru je balik mesya...

this is when he was 3 mths old..
now dah masuk 3 yrs old!!

so let me share in this blog, few piccas on the night before his birthday
we just have a mini makan2 and cake
adiah pun mommy tak beli lg huhu

dadam, size wise is very close to abam
selalu org ingat this 2 fellows yang twins!
haihh... (abam mesti buat muka bosan hehe)
now adam cakap tu sudah sangat fluent, utk his age la kan
BM bole, BI buleh.. tapi tak send skola lagi.
nampak cam susah sikit nak blend dgn orang, camna tu?
iAllah mommy send u to school next year ok?

err.. sorry abam sbb jahanamkan ur hair style huhuhu
yess, mommy yang belasah potong sendiri sbb bajet ada bakat jadi hair stylist haha

this is kakak!!
apa mimpi ntah mau pakai tudung plak malam tuh
(well, that's the good thing la kan)
tp yg tak tahannya, nak pakai tudung yang mommy pakai..
and mommy need to find another one huh...

so, where are we that night?
the view from our room...

there is small family hall inside

sumpah hotel ni dah buruk. main entrance adalah tidak gah langsung. I am comparing this since the review about this hotel (dalam NONA etc) was very good and luxury. siap ada bilik 11k per night (of course la aku tak dok bilik tu) kan? skrg macam tak maintain jer, semua nampak dusty n dull...

but then, since it was fully sponsored, kami tido jer :). kalu nak harap keluar own budget, cyberview lodge or pullman way way way wayyyy better *wink*

happy birthday darling Adam Harith. Jadi anak yang soleh dan skola pandai2 ye nak?Amin..


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Patra oh Patra

latest update about my maid.. patra
so far so good, next week, next month aku tatau
hehe, st yang pasti dia pandai gurau ngan anak2 aku
kalu kat depan2 kitorang, dia control2 juga
but sometimes kantoi juga dia suka ngusik
alhamdulillah.. pray for the best
mohon dijauhkan perkara2 yang horror2

to those yang try to reach sarah via her hp
I think that no longer in used
since few friends of mine which also been trying to contact her
end up with the same answer
and please, I dont have that answer peeps :)

friend of mine (friend of friends i guess)
who had the same maid, same agent
facing a problem when their maid is missing
when they send the maid for a leave

so, my personal advise (might and might not) be applied to you. To those who has got a maid from that agent, please consider when you want to send your helper for their leaves/break :), maybe give them other options...

**happy birthday Adam**


Adam Birthday Bash

Gonna have Adam birthday bash tonite, just a very simple dinner with families. Will do a mini makan2 but dunno when. Too many thing to do n yet so little time, birthday gift also not ready :(, hopefully Adam will enjoy it

Psst.. Best juger ye guna iphongggg ni ek hua hua hua

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


hahahahahhahahahah... I loike :)
Nak join? pegi blog abg ben..