Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Headache

lately selalu sangat kene headache, almost once in a three days and can be considered as chronic headache.. need to see doctor la kan, it may be a symptom for any serious disorder... tskk!!

am not sure about the main cause of this symptoms (yet). still cannot find out which one. but the headache keep coming and go, pain killer seems doesnt work on me. sometimes very hard to focus on my work when its start to trigger. all u got to do is sleep. even sometimes sleep also wont able to cure..

types of headache

if you experience as dull, pressure-like (not throbbing), a tight band or vise on the head, all over (not just in one point or one side), u also will feel worse in the scalp, temples, or back of the neck, and possibly in the shoulders. so, pls identify what types of headache that we possibly have?

may be I should do some stress management.. the picture below is a massage technique for headache. well,

haih, horror plak aku utk gi check up CT scan segala. Nauzubillah. jauhkanlah dari apa2 penyakit yang chronic tu, dah tido tido!!!!

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