Monday, 16 May 2011

Family Trip

perginya dah lama, baru aku terhegeh2 nak update

basically the trip is solely for my kiddies la kot. yess her mommy doesnt even have a proper sight to shop sob..sob... so, first 2 days sampai we stay at this hotel..

Our first impression to this hotel is... "so cute". everything has got its fairy tale touch or so-called-disneyland thingy.. and of course, very close to disneyland. hek ele, kalu jauh skalipun we still got many options of going places, MTR dia banyak... (kecoh la lu cwk!)

pls noted, madam kecik tgh buat inspection hotel room.. :)

they also provided a mini room slipper and bathrobe ok!
tp aku maleh nak amek gamba.. hiiii... suka gila madam kecik aku
and oo yes, toothbrush kit also provided everyday!

even MTR hooks also design as mickey mouse kapla.. haha.. so cute, aku jakun ok!

hrmm BUT!!! rakyat dia pon ramai.. manusia tu penuh aje di mana2, and bare in mind that eventhough HK was a previously a British colony, NO... they will not prioritize baby or elderly no matter what citizens (even chinese itself~ko OKU, hah..ko tunggu yea!) are you *sigh* anyhow, shopping wise - heaven, tak free oiii.. (err....I mean authentic bargains!)


eynda said...

Cute hotel :-)

MaizMalik said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa...teringat ke'magic'an disneyland la..memang trasa mcm kanak2 kembali huhuuuuu kan tak sempat shopping kan? hahaha