Thursday, 14 July 2011

PhD Writing Up

I got this from one of my best buddies. She also got it somewhere else. my main point is to remind ma self. those who is in the writing-up stage...

1) have a daily aim (write it down with specific time (to start and end) like 100words from 8 to 10am, another 100words from 11 to 1pm.. in between have a break or reward yourself)

** to have a start is extremely important. start writing up the phd thesis needs 300% motivation n inspiration (as shopping online dulu ke hakhakhak)

2) jangan mengelat (dah tulis your aim, make sure you achieve the aim)

** ishhkkk... senang sangat aku nak ngelat. eh yg tepatnya, manjang nak ngelat jer. tak payah susah2 nak induce, ajak je borak habis aaa.. tak capai dah objective hari tu

3) minimise the distraction like fbooking, emailing.. do it only once per day (it is hard but you can do it).. in my case, I dont have internet at home and it really helps to finish writing up)

**err.. perlu kan?kan?kan??? utk warming up :). aaaaaaa.... kalah mati!! T___T

4) tell your friend about your 'big' aim like a chapter in a month (tell about the dateline etc), and ask him/her to remind you.

**siap pon tidak, mcm mana org nak review nyeh. manjang esok dateline rini baru hegeh2 nak buat!!

5) update your reference as frequent as possible (meaning search for new articles etc) but if you can't, do it weekly... or monthly... it gives you a break from your writing and keep your mind fresh with ideas (jangan jadi lebih confused sudah)... all the best!

**ayyakk... update refs? manjang dok donlod journal tp selalu tak pnah baca sampai abis, baca intro, method(if needed), and conclusion. takpon, save n tak baca2 hahahaha...

wake up sufee!!!


Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

akak.boleh la saya guna ni..tgh stage writing gak ni.hehe

mast@work said...

kena paksa nad jadi geng la nanti ni masa write-up.. ni buat report 6-10 pages pun lemah gemalai betul.. T_T