Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saya rasa jwpn ni bagus

Aku rs jawapan2 mcm ni bagus, esp bila ditanya oleh anak2 kita. takut juga salah kasik info (yer la ilmu agama di dada ni, bukanlah sebagus mana) and terus berqiblatkan hollywood anak2 aku, nauzubillah. so, aku nak share kat sini sbb awal2 dulu serious agak gagap juga utk mencari the best explaination untuk si anak :)

soalan 1 : Mommy, bentuk Tuhan itu seperti apa?”

jwpn vague :
Bentuk Tuhan itu seperti anu ..ini..atau itu, Tuhan itu besaaa...

better explained this way:
Tuhan itu Yang Menciptakan segala-galanya. Langit, bumi, laut, sungai, batu, kucing, cicak, kodok, burung, semuanya, termasuk menciptakan nenek, kakak, ayah, ibu, juga kamu.

Adik tahu macam mana bentuk sungai, batu, kucing, kambing... semuanya.. bentuk Tuhan itu tidak sama dengan apa pun yang pernah kamu lihat. Sebut saja bentuk apa pun, bentuk Tuhan itu tidak sama dengan apa yang akan kamu sebutkan.

soalan 2: Mommy, Tuhan itu ada di mana?

jwpn vague :
"Tuhan itu ada di atas..di langit..atau di surga atau di Arsy". Jawapan seperti ini akan confuse kan pemikiran si anak. Jika Tuhan ada di langit, apakah di bumi Tuhan tidak ada? Jika dikatakan di syurga, boleh juga membawa maksud bahawa syurga itu yang lebih hebat/besar drpd Tuhan. Dikhuatiri plak anak2 akan berfikiran Tuhan itu banyak dan terbagi-bagi plak.

better explained this way:
Tuhan itu dekat dengan kita. Tuhan itu selalu ada di hati setiap orang yang soleh, termasuk di hati kamu. Jadi, Tuhan selalu ada bersamamu di mana pun kamu berada. Tuhan sbnrnya ada with us and always whisper to us..misalnya, kalau kamu teringat untuk bantu mommy daddy, when u play, you play nicely with others, rajin belajar, u listen to instructions utk makan.. that's how Allah whispered to you...

soalan3 :Mommy, kenapa kita harus menyembah Tuhan?”

jawapan vague :
sbb kalau kamu tidak menyembah Tuhan, kamu akan dimasukkan ke neraka. Kalau kamu menyembah Tuhan, kamu akan dimasukkan ke surga. Jawapan seperti ini boleh lead to syirik halus (khafi).

better jawab this way:
kita menyembah Tuhan to show our grateful since Tuhan telah memberikan banyak kebaikan dan kemudahan untuk kita. Contohnya, sekarang we can breath and menghirup udara segar, without any charges. it's free. lepas tu cuba tgk di sungai2, laut ada banyak ikan yang kita bole tangkap untuk makan. Semua untuk kesenangan kita. Kalau kita tidak menyembah Tuhan, kita yang akan rugi, bukan Tuhan. Misalnya, kalau adik tidak ikut kata2 ibu-bapa, tak ikut kata2 guru di sekolah, adik sendiri yang rugi and tak akan pandai.

“So, startting from now, you have to love Allah, more than your love to parents, ya?!”


“Because, when mommy n daddy is not here or dead to care of you, you still have Allah to take care of you sbb Allah tidak pernah mati.. and u can share ething with Allah. Allah also will bring you orang-orang baik yang bole menyayangi adik seperti mommy and daddy such as your grandparents, uncle, aunties, friends..."

“And now, pls rajin-rajin belajar Iqra supaya nanti bole baca Quran. Baca Quran bermaksud kita bercakap dengan Tuhan"

wallahua'lam... sekadar berkongsi apa yang dibaca dan difahami thru THIS site. Any other ideas? ;)

Monday, 5 September 2011


i love baby. that's all i know. no matter when and where i see them, i would love to cuddle them. seriously, every time i see that small lil' creatures, my heart is trembling, i'd like to have one. i want a baby. it's been three yrs since my last pregnancy. i miss it.

and, at the end of july '11, I was confirm 4 wks pregnant. my first scan with my gynae Hamid Arshat is done when i was 7 wks pregnant and ething went well, the size, the measurement etc, the baby looks fine.

Aug 18, 2011 - my first date @ 7 weeks old; Hamid Arshat, Kota Damansara's good to have this tiny beat in your belly.. isn't it?

AND few days before raya, was a hectic to me sorting out everything. agak renyah ke hulur hilir n kemas rumah without any helper. my KC also ready 3 days before raya. can u just imagine how terrible my kitchen will looks like if tak kemas?

Day 1 (30/9/2011)

and for this.... I end it up with staining, sort of spotting on the first day of eid :( I dont feel good about this, but pray for the best. dont wanna loose him..

DAY 2 (Wed 31/8/11)

The day after, it started to bleed with a fresh blood. ok, now am so nervous and panic especially thinking of lesser option I might have when it's just a second day of hari raya!! and dealing with government hosp would be my LAST option.

DAY 3 (Thu 1/9/11)

still got blood and continuous bleeding. I decided to have check-up at one of the KPJ hospital when they informed me that they have gynae oncall. But, am not happy with the outcome. After a scan, Dr inform me that the baby has no heart beat which is abnormal for a 9 wks old pregnancy and suggest me to do the D&C straight away. I was in denial, still berdegil and kapla batu being optimis and wanna wait for my gynae's opinion on Monday.

1 Sept, 2011 - Second date (and last) @ 9 weeks old; KPJ Kajang
.. and mummy will never able to cuddle u..

This is the worst feeling I've ever been through. I was severely depressed ever since i found out about the baby. Deep down in my heart still hoping that the fetal heart beat can be seen sooner or later. the baby sac looks ok to me. baby supposed to be fine. I want this baby, and I am willing to wait. I'll have a PROPER bed rest. I promise. How I wish that the baby will hang on..

DAY 4 (Fri 2/9/11)

The day after, when the bleeding is stop, 50% of myself is grieving but too scared to be happy, not. Around 7pm, I started having extreme cramps which progressed during the evening. They turned into actual contractions. and heavy bleeding. and collapse. yes, I have my D&C straight away because of heavy bleeding. according to my hubby I managed to whisper him "we lost the baby.." while they were pushing me into the OT at Ampang Puteri with an unopened eyes.

I'm trying my best to save the baby, but Allah love him more. I should have then realize that everything happens for a reason. No matter how I take the good care of this pregnancy, when He want it to be this way, it has to be THIS way.

Hope to see you one day, baby Aiman :(..innalillahhh