Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Big Decision

hopefully, we r making the right decision for them. they r happy to go to school now. no more sad face, no more cranky and no more grumpy before and after school time (as for now la kan!!), cuma this time tudung is not allowed in school :( naseb baik damia nak start pakai tudung kalo gi jalan2

so, what else that does matter?
*mommy je tgh serabut tahap naga dewa!!


WaNNi said...

yg penting mereka happy. k wani pun usha gak private school kat melaka nan sebuah tu in case nurin x sesuai sgt2 kat public school. hrpnya sesuai la kalo x abis la bajet gi disneyland hongkong

Siti Fatimah said...

Hi dear,
Can see from both faces that they are happy! Btw which school they join...