Friday, 20 January 2012

Fareeda Scarves to let go


I have 2 Fareeda Scarves to let go, feel free to browse around yeah
(mcm la banyak nau)

Selendang Mawar Ropol (eh is it?)

Retail Price: RM1++
(dah lupa, sorry)
My Price: RM80


*Brand New

Rozanna 3 layer
Retail Price: RM1++ (kott, er.. lupa jugak, sorry)
My Price : RM95


*used only once!


with any of that purchase, u r entitle to choose one of this Bawal (Akbar type). Yes it is a used one but I can assure u that is in the good condition :)


please drop your comments here and I'll get back to you...........


Anonymous said...


Kalau saya nak beli tudung2 bawal tu boleh tak?

Anonymous said...

Hi, rozana 3 layer tuh saiz apa? booked ok - Noor

Kak Yong said...

Klu saya berminat nak beli tudung bawal warna pink tu boleh x??

Anonymous said...

salam...saya berminat dgn kedua-dua fareeda tue...nak beli please????