Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hello 2012

2011 is gone with the record, I've no permanent maid at all. takpa. tak perlu explain. buat aku sakit jiwa. and 2012, Danial & Danial are already in their standard 1 primary school. haih. tua dah aku nih

Danial & Damia in their first sports atire before going to school.

what happens when twins go to school?

29th Dec 2011
start with the placement test - Damia in the 1st class, Danial were place in the 2nd class. time teacher wat announcement, dua2 meraung mcm hape yakni daddy secara tak langsung mendapat glamer haram di situ. khahh! twin terus jadi x exited sbb first time ever they will be in separate way.

4th jan 2012
first day of their school. they supposed to have their orientation for 2 weeks. so, will be wearing their sport attire for this duration. Damia exited nak try membeli di canteen and siap pesan kat aku, she dont want to bring her lunch box tmrw (huh, dasar shopaholic anak aku nih).

5th jan 2012
In the morning, Danial nangis, sbb? ttinggal name tag (oooh anakkk, mommy dulu nametag pon tak penah nak pakai). Since Danial penah sesat basat on the first day tak jumpa carik kelas n tempat rowcall (naive gila anak aku, kan?), aku pon dengan penuh hemat, kasitau teacher dia and jwpn dia,serious buat aku rasa takyah tunggu 3 bulan utk move them to NIS

Recess time, I saw Danial is struggling wipes his tears (but he still in a queue holding his fried meehon. ko tadak duhet tp ko beratur jugak abam..apakah??), luckily mommy arrived on time and ask him to tell me what has happened. He left his coins pouch in the class and poor him when he seriously assumed that everybody need to be in a queue and get the food. seriously this time, in this case, I was hoping teachers give them a proper instructions (yes I know, some of them is doing well) and remind them. this is their 2nd day and it is still orientation week remember?

orang canteen pon satu hal. when it comes to my mini shopaholics, she's paying RM5.50 utk fried meehon (yes, i let Damia try her first attempt to pick and pay herself since she's very exited to experience this), the canteen lady terus masuk baldi without any concern seeing what is she eating, how much was the amount, sampailah aku tanya, how much is this, bole plak dia jawab RM0.70!! then, where the heck of another RM4.70? Aku bukan hadap sgt of that balance, the point here is that budak2 standard 1 pon ko nak assume pandai terus semuanya kah? pls la dont take it for granted and they are just in their 2nd day attending school

6th Jan 2012
when I give him pocket money, Danial requested me to bring his own luch box, even Damia insist to enjoy their canteen's food. but in the end, she finished her lunch box

jiwa adalah masih tidak tenteram, agak berat nak lepaskan dorang pegi ke skola. tskk. especially danial. he's petite and tiny, cant even reach canteen's counter. sobs. cepatlah besar wahai abam, mommy risau. to be honest, this is not only their orientation, but also mommy's probation period to digest everything in positive way. to be honest, I didnt see twins is enjoying their school as much as they appreciate their pre-schools. ke aku yg ober? mungkin kot.

hopefully they are coping well and mendapat ilmu yg bermanafaat, aminnn



comelll jek ;)

naza said...

Adib pun dislike the school..he said no playing time at all! and nangis everyday..hoho..mana lah mak die mampu nk htr international school..gaji consultant pun x mampu..nk kerja apakah? ;(

CikW4nKemb4ng said...

thank 2 :)

haih... aku speechless la jugek dgn approach cikgu2 and system dorang. tp what to do, kene bersangka baik and pray for them. Danial yang yg mcm nak merangkak kalo pagi2 dulu. kalo ke kindi dulu dia exited giler ok. :(