Monday, 19 March 2012

Can you spot anything...


that might interest you?
With cheaper price, bargain price....


Have a lookkkkk.....

Almost brand new, pnah tenyeh skali je kot

- get it as cheap as RM10 for each item!!

Bobby brown lip colour (ada rs mint) - booked
Stage concealer (new)
Maybeline Eyeliner (used once)

- get it as cheap as RM10 for each item!!

Kose lipstick (use less than 5 times
Stage lip color (first from the left is new, second from the left is booked)
Revlon (used once) - booked

- RM10 for each item+free BB cream maybelline
- all items are use less than 5 times

Loreal youth essence (used less than 5 times)-booked
Estee lip gloss - booked
Mousse maybelline

- get it as cheap as RM10 for each item!!
-use less than 5 times

Octard face cream
Stage eye shadow (brown mustard in colour)
Bodyshop mineral powder-booked

**U can get it as cheap as RM10+ free skII cream for each item!!
Simplysiti cream (apatah nama penuh dia, aku lupa)


**Pls add RM5 for the postage cost and drop me an email for further inquiries

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