Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sorrow to Serenity

“ He has loaned to us so that we may take benefit from them for a set period; and He takes them away after the termination of that period. Thus, gratitude becomes binding upon us when He gives, and patience becomes obligatory upon us when He takes away...."

Baby Muhammad Fiyadh Harith..
11th Oct 2011-2nd May 2012

at the age of 29 weeks 4 days of pregnancy..

this wonderful gifts of Allah has been taken away from me, from our family..and I want to believe that in return, this is for a great reward, mercy and forgiveness, iAllah...
Mommy is struggling, Fiyadh.. very hard, struggling to remember you without me crying, without tears, I want to remember only the best part, only the best moment He loaned to me when you were still with me.. but I just can't
Mommy, Daddy, Danial, Damia & Adam love you... its beyonds words..


venusfreedom said...

Innalillah..takziah.insyaallah, he will wait for u in in jannah. Sedihnya rasa.i am 20 weeks preggy. Be strong kay mommy..take care

Husna said...

salam takziah kak..
semoga tabah

Jaja® said...



Anonymous said...

Asm su,
Take care ,semoga su's not easy, but do not lost your faith in Allah. He has better plan,,,,,and Baby Fiyadh aman di syurga........k.ayu

AcikNina said...

Innalillah..takziah sufee dan keluarga.
sedihnya mekkk...aku benda2 mcm ni tak boleh tahan la. :'(
be strong babe. dia menunggu di sana..

Melia said...

Insyaallah dear....there will be a great return...another set of twins perhaps? Keep ur faith...He will guide the moment, enjoy what u have already achieved...3 beautiful offspring and a husband who loves u...always be thankful and remember there are others not so fortunate as u are to be loved by many...:)

S.U.F.E.E.N.A.N said...

Salam babe, condolence to u and family..!Allah knows strong yeah..muach syg tuk anak2 buah ku-dammi, danni dan dadam..

aishah zaharin said...

Assalam Sufee,

Takziah. Take good care. I lost my baby too, at 38 weeks 5 days, back in 2008. Sabar banyak2, insya Allah, pasti dan pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Semoga Fiyadh menjadi pemberat amalan mommy dan daddy di hari pertimbangan kelak, AMIN!!